Life Ventures manages the entire project


From structural changes to interior decorations and soft furnishing while catering to meet and exceed your expectations, requirements and budget. Aiming to transform your desired space into a reality, step by step we are your partner throughout achieving and meeting workplans.


Concept Design

During this phase, we form the backbone and foundation of the design project and one that drives it forward thru the brainstorming sessions within our design team. This is where we take the program, explore strategies, and client’s needs to synthesize what will eventually drive the final design.

Schematic Design

We go over the goal of the project and the envisioned result. Our design team will come up with number of sketches and varied proposals to determine the scale and complexity based on project’s program, goals and client’s requirement.

Detail Design

At this point, the design has been finalized and it is now a process of refinement of the approved schematic design. This is where our team includes outputs and specifications to achieve a precise understanding between designer and contractors related to the project thru our detail drawings.

3D Visualisation

Our team will produce 3D realistic outputs to further engage with client’s understanding and give them a glimpse at the design of their project even before the work starts. We intend to come up with a practical yet remarkable way of presenting to highlight each design element as per client’s desired result.

Material Selections

This is where our team would come up with a material board and finalise materials before proceeding with the production. Thru this, we can identify and propose alternatives, if needed, without much regard to their feasibility and affecting the total cost.


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